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Our journey with Pelargonium Siodides


Wild Harvest

Pelargonium sidoides is endemic to South Africa and Lesotho and cannot be found elsewhere on the planet. For this reason, we have established very personal long-term supply partnerships with the communities and village leaders. We have a fully integrated supply chain from root harvesting to finished extracts and product concepts. With these relationships we honour our commitment to the plant’s natural renewal cycle, by ensuring the immature tubers are replanted and allowed to grow, as well as respecting regional rest periods for plant populations to regenerate.

Up in the high altitudes of the majestic Maluti mountains of Lesotho, the harsh environment yields   roots with the most potent active ingredients. The roots grow in clean air and pure, virgin soils richvitamin and minerals. The plants are nourished with the purest mountain spring water that nature has to offer.

Our dedicated harvesters do not own watches, but rather rely on the sun to determine the start of their day. When they glimpse the first rays above the peaks, they trek up the hillside to begin the day’s harvest. Our harvesting methods are organic and non-commercial, which means that each treasured root is heedfully harvested by hand and treated with care. 


Creativity and Innovation

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Primary Processing

The roots selected must meet or exceed our superior standards for purity and potency. The roots are then batched according to village, which means that each batch can be traced back to the specific family who harvested it. The roots are then transported down the mountain passes to our South African processing facility, where the roots are carefully washed, dried, and milled. 

As botanical ingredients move through our production processes, we are committed to both safety and efficacy. Beyond visual and tactile inspection, thorough tests are conducted to ensure the absence of heavy metal toxicity, chemical contaminants, and microbes. 

Pela Root Flask Extract.jpg

Distilling the Active

The quality-assured raw material is taken to our cGMP-certified, purpose-built extraction facility, where we carefully craft every drop of the finest extracts. We ensure that our extracts are not only pure, but also potent and soluble. 

The correct extraction technology, and the ideal concentration ratios, are chosen in accordance with the plant’s specific properties. 

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cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice)

We pledge to maintain the safety and efficacy of our products and comply with all applicable cGMP standards for manufacturing, testing and finished packaging. Our customers receive only the finest, highest quality products available, and we ensure end-to-end quality control processes are in place to consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. All of our products go through comprehensive processes to verify their potency, purity and efficacy.


Drug Master File

Our extracts are then packaged for export, backed by a Drug Master File documenting supported stability and efficacy, ensuring that they have the necessary data to be formulated and registered in any country.

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