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Nature & Science: Welcome

Inspired By Nature

Within Afraceuticals, we wholeheartedly believe in the importance of learning from nature. Our goal is to provide innovative, effective and sustainable solutions for the pharmaceutical & nutraceutical industry that are inspired by the natural world.

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Unlocking Traditional Knowledge

Southern Africa, a region with an especially strong history of traditional healing, hosts a variety of around 22,000 flowering plant species, accounting for almost 10% of the world’s higher plant species. For centuries, traditional African cultures have been aware of the secret healing properties that plants have to offer human health.

At Afraceuticals, we promote respect for all custodians of traditional knowledge and are eager to learn from them.  We see traditional knowledge as our compass for uncovering medicinal marvels

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Verified & Certified by Science

At Afraceuticals, we believe that PLANT INTELLIGENCE™ is most successfully harnessed and optimised when traditional medicine preparation and science are united. Once we have been given direction by our compass of traditional knowledge, our plants are taken to the laboratory, which serves as our gateway to further understanding these plants’ medicinal molecules.

Distilling the Active

The quality-assured raw material is taken to our cGMP-certified, purpose-built extraction facility, where we carefully craft every drop of the finest extracts. We ensure that our extracts are not only pure, but also potent and soluble.

The correct extraction technology, and the ideal concentration ratios, are chosen in accordance with the plant’s specific properties.


Product Innovation

At Afraceuticals we are constantly innovating new delivery formats for our extracts. We custom formulate for our clients into drops, gummies, syrups, capsules, tablets, throat sprays and more.

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Inspired By Nature

We are by nature and its problem-solving capabilities when faced with challenges to its survival. Plants have been around for millennia, continually adapting to combat innumerable viruses and bacteria. Our team focuses on how nature solves these problems from a physical, chemical, and medicinal perspective. Our scientific experts follow a process of biomimicry, which involves studying nature’s solutions and then imitating these designs and processes in our product development. In this way, we can transpose these solutions to the human environment. Our innovation within product development can thus be largely attributed to PLANT INTELLIGENCE™. 

Pelargonium sidoides’ miraculous combination of in-built immune functions, used to deal with the onslaught of pathogens in the harsh African environment, has been one such inspiration. This phenomenal plant also forms a whole system of thickened, underground bulbous root-like branches, developed as a special adaptation to enable it to survive grass fires and extended periods of drought. It is interesting to note that the tuberous root of P. sidoides, which represents the plant’s most powerful defence mechanism, is also the part of the plant containing the most potent phytoactive compounds that can be harnessed for human health. 

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