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Pelargonium sidoides science

pelargonium sidoides undergoing laboratory tests, active levels - Up in the high altitudes of the mountains of Lesotho, the harsh environment yields Pelargonium sidoides roots with the most potent phytoconstituents.

Pelargonium sidoides 
Research Publications

References and Links to Papers

Increases viral defence system by 200%

Pharmacological profile of extracts
of Pelargonium sidoides and their constituents

Increases mucus removal and sinus clearing by 33%

A new approach to pharmacological effects on ciliary beat frequency in cell cultures—exemplary measurements under Pelargonium sidoides extract

10-fold suppression of human coronavirus

Investigation of the influence of EPs® 7630, a herbal drug preparation from Pelargonium sidoides, on replication of a broad panel of respiratory viruses

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