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PELAFORCE™ pelargonium sidoides - natural health solutions

Discover the science behind PELAFORCE™: rigorous research merges with traditional wisdom in our groundbreaking natural health solution

*10-fold suppression of human coronavirus *Increases viral defence system by 200% *Increases mucus removal and sinus clearing by 33%

At Afraceuticals, we are dedicated to fusing age-old wisdom with modern scientific methods to bring you groundbreaking natural health solutions.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to the science behind our flagship product, PELAFORCE™, which embodies a long history of healing properties. PELAFORCE™ is derived from the roots of Pelargonium sidoides, an indigenous plant cherished by generations of healers in South Africa and Lesotho for its potent properties. The plant’s recognition in Europe dates back to the early 1900s, and its use in medicine has been extensively documented ever since.

What sets PELAFORCE™ apart is our commitment to refining its potency through modern scientific understanding. Our claims are not just empty words; they are supported by rigorous testing and over 30 European clinical studies. Here are summaries of three key studies:

1. Clinical Trial: Investigation of the influence of EPs® 7630*, a herbal drug preparation from Pelargonium sidoides, on replication of a broad panel of respiratory viruses

Key Point: 10-fold suppression of human coronavirus

Summary: EPs® 7630*, an approved drug for acute bronchitis, offers immunomodulatory and cytoprotective effects while inhibiting bacterial-host interaction. It interferes with replication of influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, human coronavirus, parainfluenza virus, and coxsackie virus, indicating potential antiviral benefits in acute bronchitis treatment.

2. Clinical Trial: Pharmacological profile of extracts of Pelargonium sidoides and their constituents

Key Point: Increases viral defence system by 200%

Summary: The study found that Pelargonium sidoides extracts, including EPs® 7630*, possess antimycobacterial and antibacterial properties, along with significant immunomodulatory effects. These findings support the use of EPs® 7630* in treating respiratory tract diseases.

3. Clinical Trial: A new approach to pharmacological effects on ciliary beat frequency in cell cultures—exemplary measurements under Pelargonium sidoides extract (EPs 7630)

Key Point: Increases mucus removal and sinus clearing by 33%

Summary: This study presents a new in vitro method for evaluating the effects of Pelargonium sidoides root extract (EPs® 7630*) on ciliary beat frequency (CBF) using human nasal epithelium cultures. EPs® 7630* concentration-dependently increased CBF, suggesting its potential as a therapeutic approach for upper airway diseases.

* PELAFORCE™ has been demonstrated to possess pharmacological equivalence to EPs® 7630, a root extract from Pelargonium sidoides with proven therapeutic effects.

We are excited to invite you to join us on this transformative journey towards sustainable health solutions. We firmly believe that PELAFORCE™ could be a valuable addition to your business offering, providing a natural and effective solution for the wellbeing of the whole family.

For more information about our product and the scientific studies supporting it, we encourage you to email us at -

Together, we can make a healthier and more sustainable world a reality. Thank you for considering Afraceuticals as your partner in natural health.

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