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GMO-Free, Organic PELAFORCE™

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

PELAFORCE™ is a potent, 100% natural botanical extract derived from the wild-harvested roots of Pelargonium sidoides, a remarkable medicinal plant endemic to South Africa.

Incorporating this non-GMO, organic extract into natural health products and supplements offers significant benefits for both human health and the environment. As the world becomes increasingly aware of the importance of natural and sustainable products, businesses are seeking high-quality ingredients to set their products apart. Renowned expert on microbiome health and the environment, Zach Bush, has emphasised the need for a shift towards regenerative agriculture and away from industrial agriculture and synthetic chemicals that have been polluting our food and water for decades (Bush, n.d.). Choosing non-GMO, organic botanical extracts for use in natural health products can ensure that businesses are providing customers with the highest quality ingredients free from potential health risks.

GMO crops have long been associated with a range of health and environmental concerns, including the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the destruction of natural habitats, and the potential for unintended consequences in the food chain (Bush, 2019). Non-GMO, wild-harvested Pelargonium sidoides root is free from genetically modified organisms, which means that the plant has not been altered in any way from its natural state. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in many herbicides used on GMO crops, has been linked to numerous health problems, including cancer and birth defects (Bush, n.d.).

Our organic, GMO-free Pelargonium sidoides root is sustainably wild-harvested and thus free from synthetic pesticides, fertilisers, or other chemicals. Organic farming and sustainable wild-harvesting practices help to preserve soil quality, protect biodiversity, and reduce the overall environmental impact of agriculture. Indeed, Dr. Bush noted that "organic farming can help to restore the soil microbiome, which is critical for human health" (Scialabba, 2018).

By choosing PELAFORCE™, businesses can provide their customers – who are becoming increasingly concerned about synthetic products - with high quality, environmentally friendly products that are free from harmful chemicals. By avoiding the harmful effects of GMO, businesses can promote their commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, while appealing to the growing demand for natural, plant-based products that support both human and environmental health.


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